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3ds, anime, appaloosas, arabian horses, atheism, avatar the last airbender, azula/ty lee, azumanga daioh, baking, balthier/fran, blowing shit up, books, chi's sweet home, chicks in chainmail, classic rock, crackships, cyberpunk, dachshunds, dark brotherhood, dead from coke, democrat, disability, disability rights, discworld, disney, ditzy doo, dressage, elder scrolls, eowyn, equestrian sports, eventing, fairy tales, fanfiction, fang/vanille, feminism, femmeslash, ferrets, ffx/x-2, ffxii, ffxiii, firefly, florida, fran, galadriel, gaming, gay marriage, ghibli, gimli/legolas, girl genius, glbta, golden sun, granny weatherwax, hair bands, harry potter, harvest moon, hating ayn rand, hating hemingway, hating jack kerouac, hating joseph conrad, hunter/jumper, j/7, jem and the holograms, jeri ryan, jig the goblin, jim c. hines, kimber/stormer, kingdom hearts, kitties, labradors, legend of korra, lesbian, leverage, metal, monster high, moogles, mst3k, musicals, mutts, my little pony, mythbusters, mythology, nanny ogg, ni no kuni, no more heroes, nook, not sharing this interest, oblivion, organization xiii, paranormal, phoenix wright, pixar, pokemon, ponies, pratchett, princess leia, ps3, psp, quarter horses, robots, runaways, sailormoon, sci-fi/fantasy, serenity, seven of nine, shark, shiny, skooma, skyrim, sly cooper, snark, sokka, sora/kairi/riku, star trek, star wars, steampunk, swimming, tea, the colbert report, the daily show, the saddle club, theatre, tolkien, toph/tony stark, trail riding, twewy, urban fantasy, utena, vampires (non-sparkly), videogames, wankery, webcomics, werewolves, wii, wooper, writing, wrock, your mom
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